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Evaluation -

We will work with you to establish your goals and determine your horse's level of training and develop a personalized step-by-step program for you and your horse.


Lessons -

A lesson plan will be developed to create confidence in both rider and horse with the goal of enhancing the riding experience, safety and enjoyment of both horse and rider. Emphasis will be placed upon teaching you how to work with your own horse, understand the how and why of each step of the process. You will be taught to apply what you learn to any horse you encounter. Developing a give and take relationship with your horse is the ultimate goal of horsemanship.

Ground work -

In order for you and your horse to safely enjoy the horse-human relationship it is necessary to establish the proper level of respect between horse and rider. Groundwork is the basis of respect between the horse and the rider. You and your horse must learn to respect each other on the ground before respect in the saddle can be established. Ground breaking sets the tone for the rest of the horse's working life.


Backing -

If you have a new horse that has never been ridden before, we will back the horse and teach you the 'backing process' so you can apply it in the future.


Exercise rides -

We offer exercise rides to get your horse fit, maintain advance your horse's conditioning or to 'tune up' your horse to maintain his level of readiness.


Problem Solving -

We will develop a personalized program for horse and rider to correct both common and unusual problems. Many common behaviors in horses can be dangerous and frightening if you do not understand the how and the why of it. With proper handling and work, most problem behavior can be corrected. Using various techniques, I can teach you and your horse how to relax and enjoy the ride.


Professional Short Term Care

If you are going out of town and it would ease your mind to have professionals caring for your horses, or if you have a care issue that you feel uncomfortable handling we offer personalized short term care.


Custom training packages to fit needs. For more information, email us.

We will also travel to you to work with you and your horses at your own facilities.


Special Programs -

Gilmore Horsemanship offers programs ranging from practical clinics to speaking and lecture engagements.
Contact us for more information.

Serving Tryon, NC and the surrounding Tri-County Area

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