18,000 miles at four miles per hour

“Seven years ago, former teacher Bernice Ende set out on a “long ride” to learn about America. She’s traversed 18,000 miles with her horses and dog…” –

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Tent Pegging – A sport American Riders should seriously look into.

Tent Pegging was once a popular equestrian sport in the United States, but has largely become obscure. This is a shame. It requires confidence in the horse on the part of the rider and confidence in the rider on the part of the horse. It also requires a good military forward seat and good hand-eye coordination.

In the past couple of years, I have run into a couple of people in my local area who have expressed interest in reviving this sport in the US. Those who haven’t taken it up expressed an opinion that Tent Pegging is ‘too dangerous’. Well, it’s not nearly as dangerous as jumping horses in a show ring but it takes a lot more intestinal fortitude and skill!

If you are in the Tryon, NC area and are interested in Tent Pegging and other Military Equitation sports, and are interested in learning the original Forward Seat as conceived by Federico Caprilli, drop me a line here or at my website GilmoreHorsemanship.com

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Save the Wild Mustangs – Stop Horse Slaughter – Complain to Obama and the Bureau of Land (Mis)Management

“This is a public service announcement directed to President Obama and Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell on the BLM and Issues with the survival of our Wild Horses and Burro’s” ——– From Palomino Sue on YouTube

Speak up now!

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The Big Picture: The History of Cavalry (US Army Film)

“The purpose of cavalry in warfare is to give tone to what otherwise would be a vulgar brawl”.

From an old US Army film: “The Big Picture: The History of Cavalry”.

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So, God Created The Horse

The is a great video: “So, God Created The Horse”.

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A tribute to Robert E Lee’s Horse “Traveller”.

“And now at last,
Comes Traveller and his master. Look at them well.
The horse is an iron-grey, sixteen hands high,
Short back, deep chest, strong haunch, flat legs, small head,
Delicate ear, quick eye, black mane and tail,
Wise brain, obedient mouth.
Such horses are
The jewels of the horseman’s hands and thighs,
They go by the word and hardly need the rein.
They bred such horses in Virginia then,
Horses that were remembered after death
And buried not so far from Christian ground
That if their sleeping riders should arise
They could not witch them from the earth again
And ride a printless course along the grass
With the old manage and light ease of hand.” ——- Stephen Vincent Benet

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Modern Horse Cavalry – Not Quite Obsolete

Well, at least the Chinese don’t think horse cavalry is obsolete!

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BLM Releasing Wild Horses from Diamond Complex Back to the Wild

It’s about time! Maybe the BLM is beginning to get the message!
BLM Releasing Wild Hoses from Diamond Complex Back to the Wild

“(WHE-Reno, NV)  Thirty wild horses, rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) this January from the Diamond Complex, will be released back into the wild sometime after mid-July in an innovative project of the Battle Mountain BLM District, which spans land in both the Ely and Elko Nevada. The horses were part of a larger group, most of whom went to long term BLM holding facilities. This experimental group was held out to improve their condition prior to release back into the wild in a project to preserve the genetic health of the herd. The horses will be returned to the range along with the foals they had in captivity.” Read More:BLM Releasing Wild Horses from Diamond Complex Back to the Wild

Also, visit: Wild Horse Education – “Keep Them in The Wild!”

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Saving The Corolla Wild Horses

Being a strong advocate for saving wild horses in America, and all horses from slaughter and extermination at the hands of the US Federal Government via its agent, the BLM, I thought I’d pass this one on to everyone.

“This has been a devastating year for the American wild horse. In the west, as if the cruel helicopter roundups , confinement of nearly forty seven thousand wild horses in government holding pens, and their sale to kill buyers for slaughter in Canada and Mexico is not horrific enough, other insidious ways to rid the land of wild horses and the advocates trying to save them are beginning to surface…

In the east, advocates for the wild horses north of Corolla, NC have been working with federal legislators to pass the Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act. The Act mandates that the herd be managed at a range of 120 – 130 with never less than 110 and that mares from Shackleford Banks can be introduced periodically to address the Corolla’s dying gene pool. Similar legislation was passed in 1998 to protect the Shackleford horses that live on half the habitat available to the Corollas.”

Read More: Until the Last Wild Horse is Gone


“The House Appropriations Committee is poised to decide whether or not to block a wasteful and harmful expansion of the federal government, save taxpayer dollars, and—of particular interest to humanitarians—protect horses from being cruelly slaughtered for human consumption.”

Read more: Please Contact Your Legislator Today to Urge Support for an Amendment to Protect America’s Horses

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Jumping Obstacles, Italian Cavalry Style

I found this interesting video footed from the Luce Archives in Italy.

This is how you jump obstacles in the field, in the Caprilli ‘Natural System’. Hell bent for leather.

Not many people today have the guts to let their horse carry itself and simply ‘go for it’ and float over obstacles. It isn’t pretty, but it’s efficient and easy on the horse and rider.

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