The Caprilli Project

The Carpilli Project is moving forward!

The Caprilli Project – Dedicated to the study, preservation and practical application of Federico Caprilli’s “Natural System” of Forward Riding.

The Caprilli Project is now working towards organizing a Tent Pegging team to be part of the International Tent Pegging Association. The Project is also working to attain more financing to promote this sport in the United States.

Right now, we are in the the process of acquiring facilities from which to do our work. If interested in being a part of this endeavor, give us a shout at infor “at”

3 Responses to The Caprilli Project

  1. Kelly Snyder says:

    Caprilli and Littauer fan in Asheville, please keep me updated on your project!


  2. Dan Gilmore says:

    Will do. I’ll let you know when the project gets completely under way!

  3. Dan Gilmore says:

    The Caprilli Project is moving forward. We are working on finding suitable facilities from which to promote our cause. One of the new projects is to promote the sport of Tent Pegging.

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