Federico Caprilli – “Principles of Cross Country Riding”

Federico Caprili

Federico Caprilli

I just finished my new translation of Federico Caprilli’s article “Per L’Equitazione Di Campagna” from the January/February 1901 issue of “Revista di Cavalleria”, the official journal of the Italian Cavalry Arm. Now it is in the final editing stage and should go into print in the next couple of months.

This translation is substantially different that the Piero Santini translation from “The Caprilli Papers” (1967) in that Santini essentially re-wrote and altered what Caprilli intended. Caprilli was strictly designing a new system of military equitation and not a system of equitation for competative sports.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this new translation when it becomes available, drop me a note at my website: GilmoreHorsemanship.com

Update: You can read the entire translation I did @ http://www.gilmorehorsemanship.com/caprillinaturalsystem.html

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3 Responses to Federico Caprilli – “Principles of Cross Country Riding”

  1. Odin444 says:

    Extremely interesting and something I do believe will help the Equestrian world as we know it. To have this translated into proper English will give many the hands up they need to become better all around riders. I know I look forward to a copy.

  2. barry batra says:

    Hi Dan,i would be extremely interested in reading the translation of the Caprilli papers when they are published. Please if it is not to much to ask would you inform me of how and were to obtain a copy,I beleive there is a small number of people who are close to the real truth about true connection between man and horse.
    look forward to hearing from you

    Barry Batra.

  3. Dan Gilmore says:

    Drop me an email at gilmore “at” gilmorehorsemanship.com and I can send you a pre-publication copy as a PDF or whatever format you want.

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