Tent Pegging – A sport American Riders should seriously look into.

Tent Pegging was once a popular equestrian sport in the United States, but has largely become obscure. This is a shame. It requires confidence in the horse on the part of the rider and confidence in the rider on the part of the horse. It also requires a good military forward seat and good hand-eye coordination.

In the past couple of years, I have run into a couple of people in my local area who have expressed interest in reviving this sport in the US. Those who haven’t taken it up expressed an opinion that Tent Pegging is ‘too dangerous’. Well, it’s not nearly as dangerous as jumping horses in a show ring but it takes a lot more intestinal fortitude and skill!

If you are in the Tryon, NC area and are interested in Tent Pegging and other Military Equitation sports, and are interested in learning the original Forward Seat as conceived by Federico Caprilli, drop me a line here or at my website GilmoreHorsemanship.com

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  1. Glen Gardiner says:

    Hello Dan,

    I came accross your website while my wife and I were visiting family in Seattle WA. I am a retired Australian Army Officer who at one point in my career was in command of a military equestrian display team. We will be returning to the USA so please do not hesitate to keep in touch. I will be travelling for several weeks but will contact you again after that or feel free to return my email. I am happy to provide any assistance I can for you to promote this thrilling and challenging sport here in the USA.



    • Aneet dhaliwal says:

      Hello Sir
      This is Aneet I’m 21 years old and I moved to the U.S (Louisville/kentuckey) last year from India and I used to do tent pegging,trick riding and show jumping there .im looking to continue my tent pegging in the states as I was a NATIONAL Champion in the OPEN category in tent pegging there and have also won many other competions held at state/school level’s so I’m very keen and desperately want to take it to a higher level but since I’m living in the horse state still I have no luck finding the right direction to the tent pegging . It is my humble request to you if you can guide me on the right path or tell me somthing about tent pegging in the states and help me find a conclusion to my answers .i will really appreciate it ..
      Warm regards

      And my email is Aneetdhaliwal@aol.com

  2. I would like to inform you that now we have a platform for this sport. We have established United States Tent Pegging Federation (USTPF) and also have accepted and recognized by the International Tent Pegging Federation (ITPF). A team under the banner of USTPF is going to participate in the international qualifying tournaments in Pakistan next week to represent United States of America. At preset our team is based on two players, Mr. Ammar Muhammad Nomani and Mr. Aneet Singh Dhaliwal. USTPF is playing a role of National Governing Body (NGB) for Tent Pegging in the United States of America. Please like us on the facebook, at present this page is not an official page because or website is still under construction: https://www.facebook.com/groups/229010230617257/

  3. United States Tent Pegging Federation, Inc. (USTPF) is successfully operating in the United States of America since December 2013. USTPF participated in the first International Tent Pegging Championship Trophy, which was held in February 2014 in University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan. The Team Captain for the USTPF Tent Pegging Team Mr. Ammar M. Nomani participated in the championship.
    The USTPF website is current, please visit us on http://www.ustpf.org or visit us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/USTPF2013
    Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/USTPF
    or https://www.facebook.com/groups/229010230617257/

  4. sarpartap singh says:

    Tentpegging Speed Skill and Thrill a crowd puller sport every horseman should try out
    you dont need costly equipment , all you need is a horse that gallops straight a lance
    ,or sword some cardboard pegs and determination

  5. W.A.Khan says:

    USTPA was formed by efforts of tent peggers and enthusiasts living in USA and abroad.

    USTPA is the FIRST founding body to represent USA in tent pegging internationally and the FIRST to wave the US flag in tent pegging overseas.

    ‘USTPA’ is also the oldest registered trademark for promotion of tent pegging in USA and abroad.

    To carry on day to day business of organizing tent pegging in USA and abroad, USTPA, Inc. is the registered entity in USA with US Tent Pegging Association as applied dba.

    USTPA is for taking USA on fast gallop in tent pegging with pegs in the cross hairs.

    Welcome to USTPA!


  6. W.A.Khan says:

    USTPA made history in 2013!

    USTPA participated in the 2013 World Equestrian Tent Pegging Championship and put USA on the world Tent Pegging map for the first time in history.

    During the conclusion this world championship, WTPF (now ITPF) was founded with USTPA being one of its founding member countries.



    USTPA is the official invitee of EFI and is slated to participate in the 2015 Asian & International Equestrian Tent Pegging Championship.

    USTPA has what it takes for team USA to play international.

    Email to apply to play in the upcoming 2015 Asian & International Equestrian Tent Pegging Championship.

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