Save the Wild Mustangs – Stop Horse Slaughter – Complain to Obama and the Bureau of Land (Mis)Management

“This is a public service announcement directed to President Obama and Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell on the BLM and Issues with the survival of our Wild Horses and Burro’s” ——– From Palomino Sue on YouTube

Speak up now!

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5 Responses to Save the Wild Mustangs – Stop Horse Slaughter – Complain to Obama and the Bureau of Land (Mis)Management

  1. You call compassionate human beings ( Animal Activists),..Is that some disease ? …. because one shows passion for these horses and their welfare makes us sick or strange …Placing negative impressions and labels on those who care, and who show the human side of mankind, they don’t have it together…?? Maybe it helps justify your agenda, your cruel, sick and selfish actions…helps to cast your guilt aside…keep that seat in office…gives you more land to raise more cattle… convince those that Slaughter is the humane thing to do …There is no HUMANE in slaughter……and Compassion is not an illness..and our Conscience is our moral compass that guides us through right and wrong…and our compasses are morally correct…but you should question the actions of those who are most definitely guided by GREED and committing crimes on tax payers dollars….such as destroying these horses…Become active because you care……….
    ladis niedzwiecki

  2. Sharon Maxey says:

    Stop the horse slaughter, and save the mustangs and wild burros. This is their land, they are needed for ecosystem and all things were made by God. Respect our environment and our people. One day you will wish you did, for the earth will be all dried up and even you won’t even be able to live in it.

  3. Carol Lucas says:

    Since Step-up-Sally hasn’t worked I truly think she should Step-down-Sally….and let a person who doesn’t clam up in the deaths of wildhorses in long and short term holdings have the job! No shade, no grass, no keeping the water troughs full, no compassion for animals who are being abused by the BLM, no proper veteranairy care for sick animals, separating horse families after the disgusting round-ups…and the list goes on.
    President Obama…please…Help the Wildhorses that are being destroyed by the BLM…They need you to Save Their Lives.

  4. Carol Lucas says:

    President Obama the wild burro’s need you also to Save Their Lives.

  5. Dan Gilmore says:

    Unfortunately, the Obama Administration is deaf to this issue and even hostile to saving the mustangs and burros – look at the executive orders and the fact that horse slaughter is once again legal. We need everyone to raze all Hell over this issue and keep the pressure up.

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