BLM Releasing Wild Horses from Diamond Complex Back to the Wild

It’s about time! Maybe the BLM is beginning to get the message!
BLM Releasing Wild Hoses from Diamond Complex Back to the Wild

“(WHE-Reno, NV)  Thirty wild horses, rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) this January from the Diamond Complex, will be released back into the wild sometime after mid-July in an innovative project of the Battle Mountain BLM District, which spans land in both the Ely and Elko Nevada. The horses were part of a larger group, most of whom went to long term BLM holding facilities. This experimental group was held out to improve their condition prior to release back into the wild in a project to preserve the genetic health of the herd. The horses will be returned to the range along with the foals they had in captivity.” Read More:BLM Releasing Wild Horses from Diamond Complex Back to the Wild

Also, visit: Wild Horse Education – “Keep Them in The Wild!”

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One Response to BLM Releasing Wild Horses from Diamond Complex Back to the Wild

  1. Curtis Moore says:

    I thoroughly enjoy learning about tent-pegging on your website and I’m anxious to begin practicing it on my mustang. That said, I think you need to do some more research into the wild horse issue. Wild horses reproduce very quickly and have no natural predators that can make any serious dent in their population. They need to be scientifically managed by the BLM in order to keep the herds and range healthy. Otherwise they overgraze the range and the overall quality of the horses drops dramatically. To see this for yourself I would advise you to take a trip to Ely or Elko Nevada and look at the condition of the range and the horses or look into the science of what these animals can do to the environment if they aren’t managed correctly.

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