The True Horseman

I’m not a big fan of TV commercials, but this one is absolutely beautiful.

The True Horseman:

They say a good rider can hear his horse speak to him,
but a great rider can hear his horse whisper.
The years he’s given me.
Nobility without conceit.
Friendship without envy.
Beauty without vanity.
A loyalty without compromise.
I borrowed freedom when we rode.
The history of mankind and civilization rode with us.
His body took the weight of mine, and I was carried through.
I can still hear that whisper.

——-Seán Branigan (?)

Directed by Seán Branigan
Written by Sam Doyle and Seán Branigan
Produced by Andrew Freedman and Tanja Harney for Antidote Films
Music by Lennert Busch
Post-production by Screen Scene and Windmill Lane

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