Tent Pegging – the ultimate equestrian sport

Tentpegging was once a popular sport even here in the United States. But with the demise of mounted horse cavalry, the sport has gradually vanished here. Fortunately, tent pegging has been kept alive in countries where the British military tradition has survived.

If you are looking into an equestrian sport that involves speed, thrills and is a tool for advancing your skills as a rider in general, then tent pegging is for you.

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4 Responses to Tent Pegging – the ultimate equestrian sport

  1. John Dudeney says:

    Having taught the sport of tentpegging/mounted skill-at-arms in the UK for in excess of 20 years, I frequently receive requests from people in America asking if I can give them information about the sport and whether I know of anyone who teaches it in America. Your post thus prompts the question – is this a discipline that you teach and would you be happy for me to point people in your direction?

  2. Dan Gilmore says:

    Absolutely! Yes, please do point them to me.

  3. Dan Gilmore says:

    I just dropped you an email with the email address to use, which would be gilmore “at” gilmorehorsemanship.com


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