Stupidity I have seen recently concerning horse safety

OK, I’m not one to mince words about stupid crap I’ve seen supposed horse “professionals” engage in. You know, the people who complain that everyone’s horse is dangerous because it spooked as a result of someone doing something to spook the horse – like leave plastic bags and other light weight debris on the ground on windy days? Then they blame the horse’s training?

They worry about being sued if such an incident results in someone getting injured…

And, at the same time they let children under their care ride horses without helmets. Yet they worry about horses spooking and running over the children.

Well, I have a message for them and that is this: if you let small children ride without helmets, you are an idiot. A complete and total idiot who needs to take a time out to check reality.

I have a message for people who let children ride without helmets: Horses are like unloaded guns – they seem safe and harmless but they will kill someone every time.

I even see supposed ‘professionals’ and ‘experts’ let young children, without helmets, under their care ride horses. They are idiots. They worry about being sued for something but they never worry about their insurance never paying for damages to their own children’s skulls when a horse steps on it. That ‘perfectly trained’ dobbin can explode any time no matter how well ‘trained’ it is.

And this goes for adults too – wear a helmet. If you are too macho to not wear a helmet when riding, that’s your stupidity. Don’t inflict that stupidity upon children under your care. If you don’t wear a helmet and you get your head bashed in on a rock, then it’s your own fault and you suffer. What idiocy would motivate any person to let a child ride without a helmet?

I can’t say enough about the issue of helmets and taking advantage of every safety precaution available when riding horses. Especially when it concerns the safety of children.

I wear a helmet. I am safety oriented. By the same token, I ride a lot of horses that aren’t tame. I’ve had my life saved at least once because I was wearing a helmet while riding a horse. Once is all it takes.

The reason for this little rant is that someone complained about a horse spooking over a plastic bag that they left twisting in the wind. They complained about my horse spooking and that ‘someday’ one of their grandchildren could get hurt. Well, if you are so concerned about your grandchildren getting hurt by horses then why do you let them ride without helmets? That child’s hand that got stepped on could as well been his head.

This macho crap concerning helmets and cowboy hats has to stop. If you let a child ride without a helmet then you are guilty of child neglect. If you ride without a helmet, then you are just a stupid jackass.

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  1. R. Fletcher says:

    I also see to much of this going on, even amongst “professionals”. It never ceases to amaze me how people worry about safety for children around horses yet engage in extremely unsafe practices. Children should always be made to wear helmets when riding or working with horses.

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