Merry Christmas to all! And God bless the horses.

Just a note on this Christmas Eve.

Be sure to be thankful to your horses, and be kind to and understanding of them. Treat them as though they were your family because they are. And remember the Cavalry Man’s Prayer every day when you ride and go forth in your daily lives.

A Cavalry Soldier’s Prayer

Please God let not the slashing fray
End our lives this coming day
Before my chance to make amends
To pledge my love to kin and friends.

Please stay the hand that targets horse
My faithful friend on many course
He asks for naught , his heart is true
Brave warrior horse, both grey and blue.

Give angels wings to horses here
Who tarry on and show no fear;
No sabre, shot nor cannons roar
Should still the hearts who can’t give more.

Lay down the steeds in pastures green
Where smoke and fire are never seen;
Quiet ears and eyes that know such hell
Till in your heavens they may dwell.

Yon sunlight gleams on metal bright
Assurance of yet another fight
Please God I bow my head and pray
End not our lives this coming day.

Robin Shields
6th Ohio Cavalry

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