‘Smiler’ Marshall, last British cavalrymen, dies at 108

This was an interesting article from May of 2005 posted on FaceBook that I thought worth sharing:

‘Smiler’ Marshall, last of the cavalrymen, dies at 108

(May 20, 2005)

The last British cavalryman to have ridden into battle on the Western Front has died aged 108.

Albert “Smiler” Marshall, who survived the brutal campaigns at Loos and the Somme, was one of only about a dozen remaining survivors of the First World War.

With his passing this week, at home in Ashstead, Surrey, goes the memory of British soldiers riding to war on horseback.

Mr Marshall served with the Essex Yeomanry, and is thought to have been the last English cavalryman to have charged with a drawn sword…

Read the entire Article @ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1490377/Smiler-Marshall-last-of-the-cavalrymen-dies-at-108.html

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