Caprilli and The Forward Seat

I’m still working on my article about The Forward Seat and Caprilli intended it to be. Not an easy task – it involves attempting to describe elements like ‘feel’ in words.

What I’ve settled on so far is mostly a description of the technique I use in riding lessons to establish a forward seat. The method I am going to describe is based upon what I learned as a young rider from my instructors, some of which were actually students of Caprilli or Santini, along with certain compatible elements as taught by Littauer.

One of the difficulties I have found in writing about Caprilli and his forward system of riding is in describing how the Forward Seat is part of a complete system of riding which comprises of Schooling of the horse and rider, Seat and Elements of Control. All three of these elements are interrelated and dependent upon one another and must be learned in a particular sequence.

Nevertheless, I will try to do my best in writing this article and hope that it will benefit riders and trainers, and encourage discussion of and further development of the Forward Seat as Caprilli intended it to be.

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