Lewis Edward Nolan – “The Training of Cavalry Remount Horses, A New System”

One of the greatest treatises on horsemanship can be found in the form of Lewis Edward Nolan’s book “The Training of Cavalry Remount Horses, A New System” (Parker, Furnivall & Parker, London, 1852). What makes this book an important addition to any horseman’s personal library lies in not only it’s historical significance but also in it the technical information on the training of horses.

While the book is geared to riding to arms and speaks little concerning the rider’s seat, it is an invaluable source of information concerning the overall effective training of horses. The information contained in “The Training of Cavalry Remount Horses, A New System” is as valid today as it was when written in 1852 and is easily adapted to modern forward riding by any thinking modern horseman.

Lewis Edward Nolan (January 4, 1818 – October 25, 1854) is most noted for his role in launching the famous (or infamous according to most historians) “Charge of The Light Brigade” at The Battle of Balaclava in the Crimean War. A brief description of his career can be read at: http://www.silverwhistle.co.uk/crimea/louisnolan.html

Many of the sentiments, techniques, methods and theories put forth by Nolan in this book are echoed by future riders such as Caprilli, Littauer, Santini, Chamberlain, Wright and others. The commentary concerning the psychology of the horse is also useful to any rider or trainer in any given discipline and is one of the ‘must read’ books on horsemanship. While geared to the double bridle, it offers valuable insight into the applications of the snaffle and the curb as distinct and combined elements.

Many thanks to Staney Watts of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire for pointing me towards this book.

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10 Responses to Lewis Edward Nolan – “The Training of Cavalry Remount Horses, A New System”

  1. Ruddy Z says:

    Lewis Edward Nolan is one of my favorite historical figures and a great horseman. And many thanks for the work you did with my horses!

  2. Richard says:

    IMO this book based on the work of Baucher by a man considered at the time by many as the greatest horseman in England, is hugely important not least for it’s description of horsemanship and horses pre and post Baucher.

  3. Dan Gilmore says:

    It’s indeed one of the best books out there. Still valid today as per training methods. It was required reading for almost all modern cavalry organizations up until the end of horse cavalry. It’s well worth reading also for today’s riders and riding instructors.

  4. Sam says:

    Do you know where I can get prints of some of the pegging illustrations in the book?

  5. Dan Gilmore says:

    That’s a good question. The book is still in print, but I don’t know if the illustrations are produced in some kind of art format (like prints).

    You can, however, get the book in digital format free from Google Books in either PDF or Ebook format.

  6. William Petz says:

    I recently picked up at an Estate Sale an original Hardback copy first edition book “The Training of Cavalry Remount Horses A New System” Author L.E. Nolan Capt 15th Hussars Publisher London Parker, Furnivall & Parker Military Library Whitehall MDCCCLII. Front cover has a sticker attached stating this book was formerly owned by Lord Raglan, Commander-in-Chief of British Forces in the Crimean War. It’s author Capt. L.E. Noland, was Aide-de-Camp to Lord Raglan, and delivered the fateful order to Lord Cardigan which resulted in the “Charge of the Light Brigade”. 12-27-73 – $10.00 (Bought from J.H. Suchma). Inside page there is a piece cutout from the page with a note below it stating that Lord Raglan’s autograph was taken out from here – ? for Keene & Kern HB 1887. I have searched the internet trying to find out the value of this book to no avail. Is there anyone who can provide a value so I can re-sell this book to someone who can appreciate it much more than I.

    • Dan Gilmore says:

      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this one. I have no idea how much the book is valued at, but I can find out.

      • William Petz says:

        Mr. Gilmore,

        Thank you I would appreciate it as it is for sale and quite a rare book and must have for someone who loves to train horses and as you have stated would be an invaluable addition to a horsemans personal library even though Lord Raglan signature has been cut out.

  7. William Petz says:

    Mr. Gilmore,

    Hopefully you can find the time to reply to my question in reference to the rather rare first edition of Capt. L.E. Nolan’s book.


    W. Petz

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