World Open Cavalry Championships – Poznan, Poland. April 18-22, 2012



World Open Cavalry Competiton, Poznan - 18-22.04.2011

The International Cavalry Competition being held April 18-22, 2012 on Poznan, Poland.

So far, the competition will include (as per a prelininary email I recieved the other day):

Standard Dressage Test, as per current Polish “Lancer Days” Comp

Standard Show Jumping, as per the current Polish ‘Lancer Days’ Comp.

Standard Cross-Country (Military) Competition, as per the current Polish ‘Lancer Days’ Comp.

Rifle competition with live ammunition.

Mounted Skill at Arms competition to take into account:

Charging targets both with lance and sword. Use of hand guns against targets with the inclusion of obstacles in the course.

The use of the lance, both in multiple hits (melee) and the inclusion of Tentpegging and the Running at Rings.

A form of team event such as the Campaign Competition of the Northamptonshire Yeomanry(mounted), or the Howze Cup of the USCA. This is to test the team work of the cavalry teams and to demonstrate drill and manoeuvres.’

Anyone seriously interested in this competition should check into the Facebook page for more information:

Facebook: World Open Cavalry Championships – Poznan, Poland

Addendum: Here’s the detailed information:

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