How to Properly Fit a McClellan Saddle

Well, after many requests, I finally got around to doing an article on How to Properly Fit a McClellan Saddle.

M1904 McClellan Saddle

The M1904 McClellan Saddle

“For a while now I have gotten a number of requests to write an article on the proper fitting of the McClellan Saddle. The best and most detailed description of the proper fitting of this saddle can be found in ¶310 of the 1914 issue of the “Cavalry Service Regulations, United States Army (Experimental) which I have included at the end of this article.


A few brief comments must be considered concerning the McClellan saddle before discussing it’s proper fitting to the horse’s back.

The McClellan Saddle (M1904 and later) was designed with purely military applications in mind. The saddle came in seat sizes ranging from approximately eleven to 12 ½ inches with some rare exceptions. The seat sizes accommodate a wide range of riders within the desired weight of those riders as well as the combined weight of rider an kit (which could be upwards of 250 lbs total).” Read More: How to Properly Fit a McClellan Saddle

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