The Best Books on Horse Cavalry

Saber Charge - Cavalry Service Regulations United States Army (experimental) 1914

Saber Charge - Cavalry Service Regulations United States Army (experimental) 1914


I spend a lot of time reading as I can as many books and source documents about horse cavalry. Occasionally, there are a few really good books that stand out in terms of technical and historical aspect. Three particular books stand out amongst that number:


Cavalry Service Regulations United States Army (experimental) 1914; War Department, Office of The Chief of Staff; Government Printing Office; Washington, DC; 1914.

Duties of Outposts, Advance and Rear Guards with Manual of Guard Duty, U.S. Army; Prepared by Lieut. W. P. Burnhame, 6th U.S. Infantry; C.W. Bardeen, Publisher, Syracuse, NY; 1893.

The Elements of Modern Tactics Practically Applied To English Formations; Wilinson J. Shaw, M.A.; Captain and Brevet-Major 102nd Fusiliers; Garrison Instructor Aldershot Camp; C. Kegan Paul & Co., 1 Paternoster Square, London; 1879.

These particular three books hold a wealth of information for anyone who is interested in the nuts-and-bolts of cavalry tactics, structural organization, terminology, formations and evolutions, equipment, and how cavalry was employed and related to other arms of land forces. The information in these books enables the reader to get a better understanding of how cavalry was used in warfare from the mid-1800’s until the demise of the horse cavalry in the 1940’s.

Fortunately, many of these books are still in print and in digital format (the latter often for free) in online archives. If you want to read these books (and a whole plethora of other related books), do a search for them in

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