British and US Cavalry Jumping Techniques in the 1910’s

Here’s some interesting footage of the method of jumping used by the British Cavalry. This film was taken at the Army equitation school, ear Leeds, Yorkshire sometime between 1910-1919 (British Pathé). This film illustrates the old British “Hunt” style of jumping as applied to military equitation. All in all, some really bad jumping (click on image for video).

(source: – Army Equitation School video newsreel film)

The state of jumping in military equitation used by the US Cavalry wasn’t much better, in fact, it was a lot worse as this illustration from a 1905 US Army manual shows:

Military Jumping Techique, US Army Cavalry, Circa 1905

Military Jumping Techique, US Army Cavalry, Circa 1905

(Source: – The American Military Seat – The State of American Military Equitation before the “Fort Riley Seat”

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