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Camp Gallipoli – The Journey of the Anzac Flame

For those of you Down Under who are Cavalry fans and fans of the Waler Horse.

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Measuring and Fitting Western Saddles

Here’s a link to an excellent guide for measuring and fitting Western saddles that was sent to me by Bill Healey (content writer for See: Measuring and Fitting Western Saddles ( This guide is also very good for understanding … Continue reading

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I was perusing my website and doing a little updating when I discovered that there was an issue with the characterset I used on the page at “Federico Caprilli: Per L’ Equitatzione Di Campagna (For Riding in the Field)”. It … Continue reading

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Horse of Kings, Thief of Hearts, The Carthusian Horse

Eyes that did not blink when the arrow grazed his neck and caught the ancient meaning in a fleeting, burning glance. Ears that heard the cannon´s roar, the wispered words of love. Skin of shot silk that knew the summer´s … Continue reading

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The Equine Army (BBC World War I at Home Episode 10/11)

If you are interested in the cavalry experience of World War One, you have to watch this video.

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Tryon Sport Horse Resource – New Local Equestrian Website

For those of you in the Tryon, North Carolina area, there’s a great new website promoting everything equestrian. Be sure to visit – Tryon Sport Horse Resource and check it out.

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