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Szarża pod Krojantami 2012 – 1939 The Fate of Polish Cavalry at Krojanty

A great bit of film footage: “LKU Pomeranian Lancers (fictionalized story) – A short film about the heroism of Polish soldiers” Including a speech of General Wladyslaw Anders, Polish War Cemetery at Monte Cassino in May 18, 1959 at … Continue reading

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Obama Administration Enabling Wild Horse Slaughter – This is where the Mustangs have been going.

From Esquire Magazine: “Wild Horse Chaos, Thanks to Obama” It’s hard to believe or describe what just happened to hundreds of horses who were, until last week, roaming free in northern Nevada. Unwanted by members of a Native American tribe … Continue reading

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18,000 miles at four miles per hour

“Seven years ago, former teacher Bernice Ende set out on a “long ride” to learn about America. She’s traversed 18,000 miles with her horses and dog…” – Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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