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Tent Pegging – A sport American Riders should seriously look into.

Tent Pegging was once a popular equestrian sport in the United States, but has largely become obscure. This is a shame. It requires confidence in the horse on the part of the rider and confidence in the rider on the … Continue reading

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Save the Wild Mustangs – Stop Horse Slaughter – Complain to Obama and the Bureau of Land (Mis)Management

“This is a public service announcement directed to President Obama and Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell on the BLM and Issues with the survival of our Wild Horses and Burro’s” ——– From Palomino Sue on YouTube Speak up now!

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The Big Picture: The History of Cavalry (US Army Film)

“The purpose of cavalry in warfare is to give tone to what otherwise would be a vulgar brawl”. From an old US Army film: “The Big Picture: The History of Cavalry”.

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