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“Galoppmarsch aus der Operette Leichte Kavallerie”

Everyone has heard the piece of music “The Charge of The Light Brigade” by Franz von Suppé. But have they ever heard the actual march (by the same composer from his operetta “Leichte Kavallerie”? This is a classic cavalry march … Continue reading

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Old Cavalrymen Never Die – They Just Keep Riding!

This turned up on facebook today and from all investigation is accurate and true! “Donovan “Van” Ketzler, at 89 years old, is possibly the oldest veteran of the U.S. cavalry still riding! “When he says, I’m finished riding, that’s when … Continue reading

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Tent Pegging – the ultimate equestrian sport

Tentpegging was once a popular sport even here in the United States. But with the demise of mounted horse cavalry, the sport has gradually vanished here. Fortunately, tent pegging has been kept alive in countries where the British military tradition … Continue reading

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Yet another good reason to always ride with a helmet!

This is just another illustration of why one should always wear a helmet while riding. Teenager kicked in the head by a horse after jumping ( I cannot over-emphasize the importance of riding with a helmet.

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Stupidity I have seen recently concerning horse safety

OK, I’m not one to mince words about stupid crap I’ve seen supposed horse “professionals” engage in. You know, the people who complain that everyone’s horse is dangerous because it spooked as a result of someone doing something to spook … Continue reading

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