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The Spanish Riding School

This is the ultimate in riding! Part one: Part two:

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Merry Christmas to all! And God bless the horses.

Just a note on this Christmas Eve. Be sure to be thankful to your horses, and be kind to and understanding of them. Treat them as though they were your family because they are. And remember the Cavalry Man’s Prayer … Continue reading

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Per L’Equitatzione Di Campagna (For Riding in the Field)

Website Update – I’ve posted a 2nd edition (improved for readability and clarity) of my translation of Federico Caprilli’s “Per L’Equitazione Di Campagna” (For Cross Country Riding) which appeared in the January-February 1901 issue of Revista di Cavalleria: “Federico Caprilli … Continue reading

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Equestrian Skill at Arms

I found this interesting instructional video for Equestrian Skill at Arms posted on our ICA (International Cavalry Association) Facebook page: SAA is a great sport for developing the general riding skills of both horse and rider.

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